Much has been said lately over the old Loyola University audio clip of President Obama saying he favored "redistribution" of wealth. But this video occurred while he was running for president.

The big question being asked now is, why did this video not surface during the 2008 presidential campaign?  In the video, speaking at Hampton University in Virginia in 2007, Obama claims hurricane victims of Katrina in New Orleans were shortchanged by the Federal Government because of their race.

Obama spoke for 40 minutes going on and on about how white society profits by exploiting black Americans.   The video was obtained by the website The Daily Caller. The event was covered by the Associated Press, and local and regional news outlets. While clips of the video were shown on the news, the 'racially' charged statements in his speech, as well as his praises of the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright, were removed from the versions played on the mainstream news.

Most reporters prepared their stories from a "transcript" of the speech given to the media by the Obama campaign. The transcript did not contain the remarks that are getting the attention as being racially charged.