K-9s are not just very effective in helping officers in law enforcement, they become part of the handler's family, and are beloved by their departments.

  Adams County K-9 Garrett passes away recently

For those who dealt with law enforcement (and even criminals) in Adams County (Ritzville) Garrett was a special type of law enforcement dog.


K-9 Garrett (ACSO)
K-9 Garrett (ACSO)

Deputy Phillips, his handler, reported Garrett passed away last week on December 1st.  He posted on the ACSO Facebook page some of Garrett's history, from when he first 'met' him in California in 2015. Phillips was tasked with finding a dog that would fit well for the needs of Adams County. The deputy said most of the dogs tried to tear their kennels apart to get at the officers, but when he saw Garrett, the dog stopped barking and sat still and just looked at him.


K-9 Garrett (ACSO)
K-9 Garrett (ACSO)

Garrett, who was also known as Grumpy Garrett learned to open doors and would escape almost any kennel. But he would usually go to where Phillips's patrol car was, and sit underneath it, waiting til it was time to go to work.

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 Inmates even know of his toughness and power

Phillips recounted how one day during a jail search, one inmate asked, "Is that Garrett?" and then said you don't mess with him. The inmate pancaked himself against the wall and didn't move until Garrett left. His bark alone was considered one of the most terrifying of all the K-9s in our region, you could actually hear his teeth snap when it happened. Yet, Phillips said he would follow his kids around their yard, constantly watching over them.

Sadly, Garrett passed last week, and Phillips shared this photo montage tribute to his buddy.

 Click here to see the tribute. 

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