One of our Townsquare media personalities had the 'fun' of watching (and being in) a hurricane on his honeymoon!

Gaylord Focker, who works for our sister station 97Rock, recently journeyed to the Mexican Coast to get married.   While the wedding pictures were incredible, and the weather decent,  rain decided to show up, followed by a slice of Hurricane Paul!

Imagine spending YOUR honeymoon watching the power of mother nature in action.  Let's hope this isn't an indication of what his mother-in-law will be like!    Bet most of you never had anything like this happen! WARNING! In the audio there appears to be a muffled voice uttering a profanity in the backround.  This is NOT our Gaylord Focker, but sounds like someone on another balcony or perhaps down below.  (commenting on the rain?)


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