Kennewick EMS and Police were double busy Monday night, because of two back-to-back crashes very close to each other.

It clearly appears perhaps driver inattention, or rubber necking or other unsafe driving due to the first accident zone cause the second crash.


Monday night, crews were dispatched to an injury accident on 27th Ave. just west of Ely Street, in the eastbound lanes.

Injury crash scene (KPD)
Injury crash scene (KPD)

Two people were injured and transported to the nearest hospital, but fortunately not believed to have any life-threatening injuries.


However, as crews were working on that crash. another accident happened just west of where the first crash was located.

Although specifics were NOT released about either accident, Kennewick Police released this statement about the SECOND incident:

"Please remember when you see emergency lights ahead and traffic backed up, you need to slow down and give emergency crews space to work safely. Additionally, filming car wrecks while you are driving past the scene is not a wise decision and creates risk to you and everyone else around — put your phone away and pay attention to your surroundings."

Fortunately, the second crash was minor, but crews had to wait on it until the first accident scene was cleared.

It clearly appears perhaps driver inattention, or rubbernecking or other unsafe driving due to the first accident zone causing the second crash.

Somebody's insurance company is not going to be very happy with some drivers!

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