The things that some people do to their vehicles, well, it's interesting. The West Richland police department posted some information on their Facebook page about what's legal and what's not.

According to the officer, he was on his way to have tires replaced on his personal vehicle when he came across this truck, apparently from a 21st. century version of Ben Hur? Remember the chariot races with the big spikes on hubs?  Or Grease? Or Mad Max?

The point is, officers say before you trick out your vehicle, you need to make sure it's legal. Even if it was that way when you bought it. Same goes for some of those underskirting lighting kits seen on vehicles. They're legal for show cars on display or at home, but don't be driving around lit up like that.

When you're tricking out your vehicle, just because it's sold over the counter doesn't mean you won't get a ticket.  As for the truck with the spikes? That's a $134 dollar ticket. Some people love stuff like this...personally, I think it looks like crap.  Ruins a perfectly good truck--unless you're headed to Thunderdome.

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