Franklin County theft spree (FCSO)
Franklin County theft spree (FCSO)

A 52-year-old suspect is in the Franklin County jail after a string of weekend thefts.

Man allegedly stole a trailer with a car inside, among other things

The string of thefts began early Saturday morning in Franklin County. Deputies say a vehicle was taken, then later located abandoned near the location where another vehicle was stolen.

As Deputies began to track the incidents,  multiple thefts occurred where various items were stolen. Then, Saturday evening, Deputies spotted one of the reported stolen vehicles, a pickup, on Dogwood Road near Taylor Flats Road.

   Deputies follow stolen vehicle, leads to suspect

Deputies shadowed the truck, which was pulling a trailer. The suspect then pulled into a dead-end orchard road near Sagemoor. The truck and trailer were not only stolen but there was a stolen car inside the trailer.

Authorities arrested 52-year-old Graeme Young out of Bonney Lake WA, and he is now facing a long list of charges. Deputies say the list may grow as they sort out the number of thefts he committed, along with the property.

The FCSO says if you believe you had property taken as part of this spree, you can call (509)-628-0333.

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