There's a wide variety of opinions on the validity of masks, that debate will wear you out.

But what are 'regular' citizens opinions? The private Facebook group Re-Open Tri-Cities is a reasonable, intelligent platform where a lot of topics related to lockdowns, business, small business, and other related topics are discussed. The group has just over 7,200 members. Anyone can join, but you must first be approved by administrators.

A LOT of Tri-City area businesses owners are members of this group, especially small business.

A poll went up Monday morning, January 4. As of 11AM, these were the answers to the question, "DoYou Wear A Mask in Public?" (These were the choices given to participants)

  • Only If I Have To:  161 votes
  • No:  64 votes
  • Yes:  26 votes
  • Only at Work: 8 votes
  • Doctor's offices and Costco: 5 votes
  • Yes, even to bed: 1 votes

The 'good' part about this poll is that nobody "lit up" the ones who said yes or even to bed. It was simply a poll to gauge opinions.

A lot of the comments accompanying the poll said many people only wear one in stores so the workers won't have to play the "heavy" and bother them about it. It seems a LOT of citizens realize the retail-grocery and other service workers are just doing what's expected of them; if they don't try to enforce, they hear about it from the higher ups.

It also appears on this site, and others, that people have established, or are figuring out which businesses actually accomodate those who have medical exemptions or otherwise cannot wear one, and they have adjusted their shopping accordingly.

Also, many of the persons on this and other sites may not be happy with the mandate, but they appear to be focused on the core issues at hand with lockdowns-closures and defending business and freedoms. They  are not 'getting lost in the weeds' on this, by just focusing on "masks."

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