The only thing worse than having real creditors calling repeatedly and asking for money is being barraged by pesky tele-scam artists feverishly trying to rip you off.

Unfortunately, phony debt collectors are out there, and according to a new list of most blocked telephone numbers, those spineless weasels are even more stubborn and obnoxious than the sonic squeeze of legitimate debt collectors.

Visual voicemail provider YouMail took a look at the phone numbers that had the majority of their clients pressing the “ditch” button, which not only takes a caller immediately to voicemail, but also plays a sneaky “this number is out of service” greeting intended as a virtual smoke screen.

“This list came out of us looking for insights into how our ditch feature in our apps was being used,” says YouMail CEO Alex Quilici. “That led us to pull the most ditched numbers to see what was motivating users.”

Telecommunications experts say that it is important to remember that legitimate debt collectors are required by law to stop calling you if you tell them to stop. After that, they are only permitted to contact you to inform you of definite legal action.

In other persistent cases such as with robocall spam, you can file complaints online at or by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP.

The 10 Most Blocked Numbers

1. 336-856-2901 – NCC Debt Recovery

2. 800-684-8429 – HSBC

3. 972-378-3660 – Capital One Auto Finance

4. 804-217-7156 – Capital One Collection

5. 800-503-2463 – Fingerhut Credit

6. 800-555-0433 – Fake Chase Scam

7. 888-222-4227 – Drive Financial Collections

8. 866-929-5307 – Fake Capital One Scam

9. 866-929-5306 – Fake Capital One Scam

10. 866-847-4958 – Fingerhut Collections

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