Some say it's because other than Republican Ted Cruz, the Democratic Socialist candidate for president has one of the best ground games and volunteer campaigns in the nation.

Sanders, who shocked Hilary Clinton with his strong showings in the Iowa Caucus, and will probably drub her in New Hampshire, has raised more campaign contributions from inside Washington state than all the other GOP and Democratic candidates COMBINED. That doesn't include Donald Trump, who's largely financing his campaign with his own enormous pockets. These are individual contributions made by people, not groups, PACS (political action committees) or big money donors - corporations.

According to NW Cable News:

"That is just the number of individual donations, not amount of money raised. Hillary Clinton has raised the most money of any candidate in the Evergreen State. Jeb Bush leads the Republicans in money raised in Washington.

The Times says Sanders has 14,322 itemized donations – and that’s just the ones that are large enough to be officially reported with the Federal Elections Commission. His total number of donations is an estimated 57,000." (Bold lettering added for emphasis).

But this is rather surprising, or maybe not. Sanders has stunned many political experts with his strong group of volunteers and workers canvassing neighborhoods and seeking donations from mom and pop sources.  Only Ted Cruz has had a bigger, more effective ground game, as they call it, and it led to his win in Iowa.

Most of the contributions say the experts, are from King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties-the same ones that traditionally support progressive, liberal candidates regardless of the level of election.


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