Not only is the land not public, but the crack in the huge ridge is growing about a foot and a half each week.

According to Yakima County authorities, and,  several bike riders were seen on the top of Rattlesnake Ridge over the weekend. Not only is the land owned by the Yakama Nation, but it's private property.

Given the State of Emergency declared by the county, the City of Union Gap and Yakima, it's not the smartest thing to do. reports the amount of earth that is shifting and crumbling daily is estimated to be at least 8 million tons.

Although timetables have been set and estimates as to when the mountainside might give way, they change almost daily, and officials say the mountain could slide at any time. They have no real idea of what type or magnitude of slide will occur, which is why no one is allowed in the potential slide zone. The mountain could give way at any time, creating potentially, a bigger slide than the one in Oso, WA a few years ago.

Officials say anyone caught in the area could face misdemeanor charges. A man named Steven Mack supplied a photo of riders on the ridge to Click here to see the image.

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