It's not a huge incident, but still you shouldn't practice dine and dash at an eatery.

Kennewick police are looking for tips to apprehend this guy, he left Denny's on Kennewick and 395 without paying for his food.

But what appears to generating some of the most conversation on social media is the lettering on his sweatshirt. Our first thought for OIT was Oregon Institute of Technology,, Oregon Tech. Probably because as a dinosaur back in the early 80's my old school Whitworth, used to play them in football.  I remember their wonderful muddy field. Hadn't learned from UO and OSU about turf yet. Ahhhh D-3 football!

Anyone with any information is asked to call (509)-628-0333, or click on the "Leave A tip" feature on the Kennewick police Facebook page.

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