So how will students get through those long science lectures now?Dutch school officials plan to enact laws that will forbid students in schools from smoking marijuana. The Netherlands has been under a unique "tolerance" policy that technically forbids smoking the drug but forbids police from prosecuting people for possessing it in small amounts.

That has led to the growth of the world-famous pot cafes and coffee shops around the country. Apparently students were puffing away with amounts considered legal, but now Amsterdam's mayor, Eberhard van der Laan, will formally ban marijuana smoking by school students on school grounds.

Starting January 1, special no-toking zones will be set up around schools and playgrounds. Violators will be prosecuted under a special nuisance ordinance. Officials say the new laws will result in weed still being available to adults who want it, but off limits to children.

By the way, marijuana use in the Netherlands is BELOW that in the U.S. I bet you find that hard to believe!

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