Although the roots of this culinary caloric feast go back hundreds of years in various forms, it consists of a de-boned chicken, stuffed into a de-boned duck which is then stuffed inside a turkey -- whew!

They tend to be more expensive than a regular turkey, but most people who have eaten one swear by the taste and mixture of delicious meats. Many say it offers those at Thanksgiving a choice to have chicken or duck if they don't like turkey.

And for those who want really extravagance,  you can even get a Turducken wrapped in BACON This process consists simply of wrapping the chicken, duck, and everything else that goes inside the turkey in bacon. Now that sounds like an assault on your arteries.

Many people have been making dozens of variations of Turducken for years; its recent rise to national attention has made it easier to find recipes. It does tend to be a bit pricey, so if you're feeling adventurous just Google "Turducken." Would you try it? Take our poll:

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