A lot of bills are going to be considered in the 2019 WA State Legislative Session, most will never make it to a vote.

But one of them, House Bill 1286 (HB1286) offers up a "list" of what Democratic legislators define as being an assault weapon.

A new law prohibiting the sale of guns to those under 21 has gone into effect, but the definition of an "assault" rifle or weapon will not take effect until July. Thousands of residents are taking advantage of this loophole by purchasing guns for those ages 18-21 before it goes into effect.

House Bill 1286 attempts to list the guns that these legislators believe are "assault'-type weapons. Due to the way legislative bills are structured, reproducing the list is rather difficult, but if you click on this link, it will take you directly to the bill itself, which also contains this list.

Click on the link to see all the weapons.

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