If you go by which place has actually been featured in a national TV show,  and looked at by paranormal investigators, it would have to be in Prosser.

While many in the Mid-Columbia claim to know of a spot that they say is "haunted,"  by far the MOST believable would be the St. Matthews Episcopal Church.

The popular SyFy TV Show Ghosthunters actually set up and did a full investigation of the church in season 3,  it was episode 16,  in a segment called Houses Of the Holy.

The website hauntedplaces.org has included a listing for the building, located at 323 7th. Street in Prosser.    A series of unexplained phenomenon were investigated by the team, and while they didn't officially give it a haunted or not haunted rating,   they did experience things they couldn't explain and felt it merited further investigation.

A mysterious footprint,  cold air and strange atmospheric happenings, plus whispers and  strange sounds from a closet that were recorded prompted the team to definitely decide the church and surrounding grounds were worth a future visit.

The team hasn't been back since, but the Prosser site is the only one in our area that's actually been visited by a paranormal team such as this, and featured on a national TV show.  So, you could say that makes it "the most" haunted place in the Mid-Columbia.

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