Compared to the advertising we see on TV, some of the results might surprise you.

Everyone has their favorite soda, and most of us are pretty loyal to our product.  A few years ago,  Pepsi had phenomenal success with their funny TV ads about the two soda truck drivers, one who worked for Pepsi, the other for Coke.

I recall one ad where the Coke guy was setting up a display in the store, and the Pepsi guy had just finished.  The Coke guy wanted to try a sip of the latest Pepsi offering, and he did - the Pepsi guy gave him a can. As soon as the Coke guy popped the can and took a swig, the store exploded with confetti and unfurling banners proclaiming him the "umpteenth" Pepsi customer in the store's history.   Cheerleaders came out and the manager handed him a big cardboard check.  The look on the Coke guy's face was priceless.

Lately since the Super Bowl, we're being swamped with the latest Mountain Dew ad, pushing their new beverage that has juice and electrolytes - the ad with all the model rockets shooting off into the night sky.    But according to Beverage Digest, the "Bible" of the soda world, here are the top ten selling soft drinks, and guess who's on top:

  1. Coke
  2. Diet Coke
  3. Pepsi
  4. Mtn. Dew
  5. Dr. Pepper (one of my favs!)
  6. Sprite (NOT 7-UP? There IS a difference, we think)
  7. Diet Pepsi
  8. Diet Mtn. Dew (we're surprised!)
  9. Fanta (what?!?)
  10. Coke Zero

What is surprising on this list is that Fanta made the list.  From a consumer standpoint, we NEVER see any ads or product placement for it, but it was actually developed  a LONG time ago by Coke!  For years, it was never sold in America, but does phenomenal sales worldwide.  An followup story on the Beverage Digest releases asked the same questions we did:

  • What happened to 7-Up? No information was given as to why they weren't in top 10.
  • Who the hell drinks Fanta?

Guess sales and bottling figures don't lie.  Just because you're all over the TV and internet doesn't mean you're not laughing all the way to the bank - or the dentist from ALL THAT SUGAR!

Coke is most popular soda
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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