For decades we've heard this time of year, 'get your flu shot.' Some do, some don't.

But this year the flu has taken a far back seat to COVID, not just attention wise, but case wise as well.

For the last three years, prior to COVID, the Washington State Department of Health says an average of 270 people have died from various strains of flu. And just like COVID, most of them were elderly, or older with underlying or pre existing health issues.

But this year, the cases have plummeted.  The WSDOH and other health organizations go on an October to September calendar.  The flu death rate in WA from Oct. 2019 to Sept. 2020 is 109.  The previous year, 2018-19, it was 245.

In fact, three months into the 2020-21 flu season, it's almost as if it doesn't exist. These items are from the WSDOH website, showing it's as if flu has disappeared. This is only adding to the confusion between flu and COVID. The WSDOH has not provided, nor have Gov. Inslee's 'science and data' people, an adaquate, understandable, believable cause for this mysterious pendulum swing away from flu and towards COVID.

This is only adding to the already massive public distrust over confusing, contradicting and sometimes misleading information given about COVID, and how to deal with it, from government officials.

See below. From the WSDOH website. (Note--Benton-Franklin numbers were not readily available, despite searching the website thoroughly).  These are from the latest report dated mid December 2020.


Flu in WA state almost non existant now (WSDOH)
Mysteriously, flu cases and deaths plummet in WA this year (WSDOH)