Wednesday morning, Grant County Sheriff's Deputies and Soap Lake police got a strange phone call from a citizen, reporting a suspicious man was unloading case after case of beef from a vehicle in an alleyway in the little community of Lakeview (population 915) near Soap Lake. Apparently no restaurants or other food establishments close by, so it looked strange.

An officer showed up and got a description of the suspect without confronting him. Just so happens at the same time, officers  got a report that had been filed about an early morning burglary at the Del Red Pub in Soap Lake. They also learned a man had been causing a disturbance at that same Pub Tuesday night. The description of the 'upstart' man matched that of the 'meat box' suspect.

Police and Deputies quickly put the facts together, and went to the suspect's home. The man, identified as Austin Roger, was present, but refused to allow Deputies to enter. He lives with his mother, she came to the door, and asked the officers if she could speak with him alone.  A few minutes later she came back out with one of the many cases of beef taken from the Del Red Pub.

Officials believe the burglary was in retaliation for Roger being booted from the Pub the night before. His mother was not charged as an accomplice.

Roger was booked on a variety of charges, and probably learned it's not a good idea to make Momma mad-especially if you're living with her!

We can almost hear Heat Mizer and Snow Mizer saying "Yes Mother Dear!"

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