Closed circuit cameras for security purposes have come a long way, especially since the advent of digital technology. Some stores still have to rely on grainy VHS tapes. Others can't afford cameras period. But there's one store in the area that should win an OSCAR for camera work.

Based upon some recent photos released by Ranch and Home and Kennewick police, the Kennewick location on Columbia Center boulevard should soon become a hands-off for would-be shoplifters!

Due in part to excellent technology and camera placement, we've gotten some remarkable images of crooks trying to steal. Not long ago, two teenagers were captured after leaving the store with various unpaid items.

In this image, a couple  came into the store Wednesday, and each tried on a pair of $100-plus boots.  Then,according to Kennewick police, they allegedly left their old shoes inside the boxes and strolled out without paying, wearing the new footwear.  They even put the boxes back on the shelf.  Police say if you know who they are, please call (509) 628-0333, the non-emergency dispatch number. All leads are confidential.

One would think pretty soon, word will get around among 'thieves' that Kennewick Ranch and Home is NOT the place to shoplift, because due to their camera system you might as well be posing for a picture at the DMV.

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