Although the final tally is not done, it appears The Link project is not going to pass.The latest update from Benton County (Wednesday afternoon) it still trailed by about a 14 percent margin.

But we were curious as to which parts of town supported it the most or the least?

A quick spin through each of the voting precincts in Kennewick showed two areas in particular where the margins were either highly in favor, or very against The Link.

The Benton County elections website allows you to see how people in your area were voting. You can type in your address to find out where you drop off your vote and from where your vote will be counted.

The final margins will probably vary, but as of the latest update the most support for The Link seemed to come from Precinct 665 in Kennewick. The votes were 183 to 127 in favor of the project, the widest yes margin we saw. That area runs roughly from West 10th Avenue in the south to just past West Clearwater Avenue in the north, and borders between Leslie Road and the Bob Olsen Parkway. A very 'western' region of town.

The biggest no margin was 172-77 against, and it came from Precinct 558 in Kennewick. This is a 'square' region running south from South 45th Avenue to past South 49th Avenue, bordered between South Garfield Street in the west and South Washington Street  in the east.

Its' also interesting to note both of these areas had some of the highest ballot returns of any precincts, according to the latest voter counting.

No doubt Link supporters will be poring over election return details, trying to perhaps find clues as to where support was best, and worst, especially if they decide to try to pass the project again in the future.


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