Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT)
Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT)

Authorities are still seeking answers, and some Seattle light rail use continues to be disrupted after a demolition crew punctured a hole in a tunnel.

The crew was removing a sidewalk landmark and dug down too far

A few days ago, a privately hired demolition crew was removing a clock feature that was laid into a sidewalk in front of Ben Bridge Jewelers on Pine Street. No word as to why the sidewalk feature was being removed, but it turned into a major whoops.

As the crew dug down, they accidentally punctured a hole in the ceiling of the Westlake Station of the Seattle Light Rail System.  However, the crew had only dug down 33 inches, just under 3 feet, when they punctured the rail tunnel.

A number of experts, media reporters, and even talk show hosts in Seattle are wondering how the crew could not have known the tunnel was less than 3 feet below the sidewalk. reports that KIRO Radio host Dave Ross questioned the city's role in this incident. Writing in an opinion piece, Ross pointed out that in order to perform the clock removal, the demolition crew had to obtain a permit from the city.

Ross asked why someone at City Hall did not point out or realize the Westlake Station and light rail tunnel are less than 3 feet below Pine Street.

As the investigation continues, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) says disruptions in travel will linger for at least two weeks.

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