No, it wasn't an offshoot of The Walking Dead, although if these zombies get their way, there will be a lot more of them in our state.

Tuesday,  numerous actors dressed up in zombie-like outfits and makeup visited the State Legislature in support of a Senate Bill that would increase tax breaks for companies that shoot movies and TV shows in Washington state.  The actors represented a number of production, filming and other move and TV related companies - some of them based in our state.

Senate Bill 6027 would more than triple the tax breaks available for movie crews and entertainment companies doing business here.

Unless it's a low-budget production, most movies and TV shows take weeks to shoot, especially if multiple episodes of a TV series are being done.  For example, ABC-TV practically takes over a small town outside of Vancouve,r British Columbia to shoot up to 22 episodes at a time of it's hit series "Once Upon A Time."  For several months, the town is crawling with actors, producers, and workers. It's a huge financial shot in the arm.

Weeks or even months of film and support crews, actors and other entertainment workers living in cities and towns provides large infusions of money into the economy.  From lodging to groceries, fuel and other expenditures,  the TV and movie industry are big business.

Supporters hope passage of the bill will lure more companies to consider filming  here in our state, which is already gaining a growing reputation for excellent sites for a wide variety of types of shows.

According to several members of the demonstration, every $1 spent filming TV shows or movies in our state adds at least $10 to the local (and eventually state) economy.


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