There are certain things you really shouldn't burn, according to experts. They include treated lumber (chemicals and harmful fumes),  aerosol cans (grenade!) and now Christmas wrapping paper.

What?!? Pretty sure a lot of folks toss it in the fireplace (if they have one).  It's a fast and simple way to get rid of it.  However, the folks at PEMCO Insurance say there are several reasons not to.

You've probably noticed wrapping paper looks, acts and feels a lot different than regular paper. Due to it's construction, elements and chemicals, wrapping paper gives off chemicals and odors that can make you sick if you get enough whiffs.

And due to it's construction and surface area, it tends to act like flash paper.  It doesn't burn slowly, it often goes poof!  PEMCO says a number of chimney and living room fires occur every holiday season because somebody threw a big wad of wrapping paper in the fireplace. The paper contains pigments that can turn toxic when exposed to heat or flame.

So, if the paper is somewhat intact (like that ever happens) you can recycle for next year, or better than throwing in fireplace, just crush to a small square or ball and recycle it along with cans, newspapers and plastic.

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