In these lean economic times,  would you still use all or part of your tax return to get away on vacation?

Travel Leaders, one of the leading travel agencies in the world - and parent to Travel Leaders Tri-Cities with Sondra Wilson heard on Newstalk 870 - recently released results of a survey asking Americans if they would get away with their tax money.

The data was taken from over 1,788 respondents to the Travel Leaders survey earlier this year.   Not surprisingly,  over 56% of them said they would not be using tax refunds to help or pay entirely for a vacation, but about 43% said they would.  That figure is noticeably higher than last year.

However, 94% of ALL who responded to the survey said they plan at least one leisure trip or vacation this year,  and many indicated they needed at least one "get-away" before the end of the year.

Using the average U.S. return of $3,000 (the amount taxpayers get back)  Travel Leaders broke down how much of it would be used by those who plan to utilize tax dollars for a vacation.    27% said they would use ALL of it,  27% said they would use about half,  and 13% said they would use less than $1,000.

The percentage of all respondents who said they would consider taking a cruise instead of just a land-based vacation has skyrocketed from 21% two years ago to 37% this year.

When asked what their "dream" international vacation spot would be, the survey respondents listed Australia as #1, followed by Italy and New Zealand.

For U.S. vacations,  Hawaii is still the #1 "dream" getaway, followed by California and Alaska.   Washington state made the list coming in at #8!

Travel Leaders officials said these figures, plus many others contained in the survey, indicate another strong year for travel and vacations, both nationally and internationally.

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