Man tries to re-enter burning home, hits firefighter in Walla Walla (Google street view)
Man tries to re-enter burning home, hits firefighter in Walla Walla (Google street view)

According to information released by the Walla Walla Police and Fire Departments, July 4 and 5 was an 'interesting' day.

   Woman bites officers, man assaults firefighter

According to Walla Walla Police and KVEW-TV,  a firefighter battling a house fire late July 4 evening was hit by a man.

  Remember that home we told you about on Glen Erin Drive that sustained over $150K in fireworks damages? According to KVEW-TV, 51-year-old Jason Wilke of Walla Walla tried to re-enter the burning home and hit a firefighter in the head. Presumably, he was trying to retrieve items from the home.  The home, garage, and a nearby car were set on fire by sparks from fireworks. He was arrested.

Then, in the early morning hours of July 5th, officers were called to the Sleep Center, which is a homeless shelter at the corner of 15th and Rees. It provides a series of housing and basic needs support for transient or homeless persons.

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Around 5 AM Walla Walla Police arrived at the facility, where 40-year-old Lisa Vrabel was allegedly causing a disturbance.  Vrabel, who is considered a transient, allegedly bit one officer in the forearm, and another in the leg as she was being removed from the facility. She had refused to exit on her own after causing an incident.

Both officers suffered only minor injuries. Vrabel was arrested, according to KVEW-TV on a variety of charges, one count of First Degree Assault, 2 counts of Third Degree Assault, Obstructing a Police Officer, and Resisting Arrest.


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