One baby is a lot of work, but a woman got the surprise of a lifetime when she was told she got pregnant twice… just five days apart.

Odalis Martinez and her hubby Antonio found out they were expecting a child in November 2020, a few months after experiencing a pregnancy loss.

During her first ultrasound, the 25-year-old mother was told she was expecting two babies, conceived just days apart from each other, according to the Mirror.

Odalis explained she was over the moon after finding out she was pregnant again.

"I was extremely happy that the pregnancy test was positive and we were on our pregnancy journey again," she told the outlet. "I felt really lucky. I know a lot of people that have been trying to conceive and just haven't been able to so that was also a fear of mine, but thankfully that wasn't our case and I fell pregnant really quickly."

Due to her previous pregnancy loss, she remained cautiously optimistic throughout her pregnancy.

"It was pretty terrifying throughout my whole pregnancy not knowing if that was going to be the outcome again," she continued. "Hoping for the best but knowing there's always a possibility that things might not go as planned."

Fallon Michael via Unsplash
Fallon Michael via Unsplash

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Odalis had to go to the first doctor visit alone while her husband waited outside.

"I was just so scared that they were going to tell me, 'Oh, there's no heartbeat,' so I was so anxious the whole time I was texting Antonio like, 'I'm so scared,'" she recalled. "The doctor comes in and I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for anything and when she found the first baby and the heartbeat I was crying with so much happiness."

But the young mom was still nervous: "And then she started going back and forth and I was wondering why — my mind just went to the worst-case scenario because of the traumatic experience that we had."

That's when she was hit with the astonishing news. "She [doctor] told me that she had found another baby that also had a heartbeat," she explained. "I was just crying with happiness. I felt like the first baby that we had lost was in the room with me and saying it was going to be okay."

Odalis claimed the doctor told her the babies weren't twins, but were conceived five days apart.

On August 10, 2021, Odalis and her husband welcomed daughters Lilio and Imelda into the world.

"I feel like it's some sort of miracle that I experienced this double pregnancy. Because of our first experience, it made everything during this pregnancy feel so much more special and magical," the proud mama noted. "Just how easy I was able to conceive, and knowing that I had two babies, I just felt like there was so much light after such a dark place. It was the best surprise ever. It was a really beautiful moment to finally be able to hold them in my arms."

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