Friday, the Kennewick School District as well as others, emailed and released some new information concerning masks going away as of March 12th.

Kids won't have to wear them on buses

Previously, despite masks becoming optional for students K-12, students were going to be expected to wear them on school buses due to a Federal mandate.  Now that's gone.  The mandate applied to Federal transportation, which includes public transit such as Ben Franklin.

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Here's the updated information from KSD  (and other Districts as well):

"Masks will no longer be required and will be optional for staff, students, families, volunteers, and visitors in our schools, buses, and district buildings. Please note that masks are still required to be worn in school health rooms and COVID isolation rooms. Also, until March 18, masks are required for those who ride Ben Franklin Transit buses."

  • Staff and students will no longer be required to social distance in schools. This means that students will return to eating meals in the cafeteria (where applicable).
  • Social distancing measures, regular COVID testing of student-athletes, and restrictions on performance art events will no longer be required.
  • Contact tracing will no longer be required, but schools are required to notify those potentially exposed who have been identified as high risk (medically fragile, etc.) and report positive cases to the Benton-Franklin Health District.
  • Screening tests/Test-To-Stay will no longer be required."

Previous other procedures for how to deal with a positive test or a person who has COVID or a variant, as well as cleaning protocols and other health measures will remain in place.

Nice to know sports will be back to normal, as well.

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