KSD mask mandate update (KSD email)
KSD mask mandate update (KSD email)

Less than a week after a number of Southridge High students were sent home for refusing to wear masks, then followed by the circulation of a series of 'tense' videos showing exchanges between students and school officials, we saw this.


One can certainly understand in general the reasons for the email sent out Thursday by the Kennewick School District concerning mask mandates.  This isn't the first time KSD or other Districts have done this.

But given the timing, it's rather interesting.  There is a statewide 'drop the mask' protest being circulated on numerous social media sites for January 31st,  if you watch any of the Kennewick (or Richland) school board meetings recently you see and hear the growing mask opposition.

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Fast becoming a hot-button issue as well are people debating whether to vote no on area school levies unless Districts drop their mask mandates. Definite opinions on both sides of that topic.

The email reads in part:

"All K-12 public schools in Washington State are required to follow the mask requirements specified in the K-12 COVID-19 Requirements for Summer 2021
and the 2021-2022 School Year
. While face coverings are required to be worn indoors, they are not required to be worn outdoors, except at events or gatherings where 500 or more people are present."

It went on to say:

"Indoor Mask Requirements
All school personnel, volunteers, visitors and students must wear well-fitting face coverings, or an acceptable alternative (e.g., surgical mask or clear face shield with a drape), at school when indoors in accordance with the Secretary of Health’s Mask Order. Staff who are verified to be fully vaccinated may be indoors without masks when students are not present or expected to be present. School districts must support compliance with mask requirements among staff, students, volunteers, visitors and families."

Yes, it is a state 'law' based upon the 'emergency powers' during the pandemic. The point we are making is that the timing of this being sent out is interesting. 

With all the 'vivid' discussion going on over this, this message will definitely be received in different ways by people, depending upon their stance on the issue.

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