Another student-led protest Monday morning at Enterprise Middle School in West Richland Monday, February 14th.

30-plus students were refused entry without masks

The students were protesting the mask mandate, and according to an on-site source, the students were placed behind some portables without chairs or tables.

Enterprise student protest (Newstalk870 source by permission)
Enterprise student protest (Newstalk870 source by permission)



The students apparently remained there for some time, then shortly after 1 PM we received word they began to protest out front, about 20 of them. Our source tells us the Principal said they were being "insubordinate."

Students then moved protest to front of school

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The students were brought sack lunches, but were not allowed inside for lunch and did remain outside the entire school day. Also, the source told us that once students are inside the school (masked) they are not allowed to go outside and join the un-masked protestors.

Our source(s) have been verified and have been close to or on scene at these events.  We are giving them anonymity due to this being a highly charged social and educational issue.

So far, we are not aware of any comment from the District. This is the second week of such protests that have involved as many as 70 students at Enterprise MS. It's in West Richland but is part of the Richland School District.

We will update with any new information that becomes available.

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