This woman pictured was just released from jail for mail theft, about a week ago. Now she's back behind bars for allegedly trying to sell stolen items on Facebook. And she's facing a likely weapons charge.

Grant County officials say 21-year-old Brittany Strong, of Moses Lake, was arrested by a policeman after she thought she was meeting up with a customer from Facebook.

She had put up an ad selling two antique gold watches. Turns out they were reported stolen in a burglary on May 1. When she showed up riding with 28-year-old Timothy Riggins, she was busted.

She'd was arrested and released for alleged mail theft Nov. 15, according to She'd been released pending her court date.

Police said they noticed a gun on the floor of the car she was riding in. She and Riggins are both felons, so it will add a likely charge of  illegal possession of a firearm to the tally.

Police warn people about buying items in classified 'buy sell' sites on Facebook. Be careful who you buy from, get lots of information and ask lots of questions. And if it appears suspicious, notify authorities.

We at Newstalk870 have even noticed in Tri-Cities some rather 'fancy' and interesting items being sold by the same people, frequently posting these ads. Hmmm, especially on Facebook.

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