There's signs all over Yellowstone National Park in Montana and Wyoming warning visitors to stay away from the bison that roam the area. But some don't listen.

NBC Montana reports a 43-year-old Mississippi woman suffered minor injuries when she was run down and flipped by a bison after she and her daughter were attempting to take a "selfie" with the animal!

Tuesday, the woman and her daughter were about six yards away from one of the large animals, and turned their backs to take a selfie. The pair suddenly heard galloping hoofbeats behind them, and before she could get away, the bison caught her in the side, lifted her and flipped her.  The family drove to the Old Faithful Clinic where she was treated for the minor injuries.

This is the fifth such incident involving people being attacked after getting too close to the animals this year.  Signs around the area, and literature given to visitors warns them to stay a safe distance away from the bison, but the woman and her daughter said they saw other people standing up close, so they thought it was OK.

Three weeks ago, a woman was gored while hiking in the area, but will recover.  Visitors are told to stay at least 25 yards away from the bison at all times. There are an estimated 5,000 of the animals living there in the park between which spans between Montana and Wyoming.

Getting a selfie stick won't help either - unless it's about 25 feet long!


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