A Selah Washington Firefighter who'd been fighting fires in Thurston County was shocked when he lost his wallet at a service station. The reason for the shock was an unidentified woman thanked him for his service and then picked up his wallet and kept on walking.

The theft started at a Little Rock gas station where Selah Firefighter Tony Miller stopped to gas up after helping with the Mima fire in the region.

He was approached by a woman who thanked him for his service and then minutes later, the woman is seen picking up Miller's dropped wallet.

The woman instead of returning the wallet, the woman kept on walking. Video footage at the service station shows the woman talk to Miller and then pick up the lost wallet.

Miller had previously walked into the gas station and as he exited, he dropped his wallet, unaware to him.

The unidentified woman then scooped up the wallet after she got done talking to Miller as the gas pumps.

Thurston County authorities are still looking for the woman and Miller has put his credit cards on hold but it's still sad to see an incident like this happen to someone who was trying to lend a hand.

You can check out the video here

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