Wednesday, the Washington State Department of Health put out a release entitled,

"New report shows schools reopening is closely tied to societal activity"

It's from the Institutes for Disease Modeling, which is a Bill Gates creation and is also controlled by what is called Intellectual Ventures. IV is a company that centers on the development of what is called "intellectual properties." They buy patents, bundle them, and licensing them to third parties. IV has often been called a "patent troll," because of the way they try to enforce patents against other companies they claim are using the tech or processes contained in various patents.

IV is in no way an actual medical company, yet they have a say (along with Bill and Melinda Gates) in what happens with the Institute for Disease Modeling.

Located in Bellevue, most of the sources we looked at say the IDM COVID "advice" is only being used widely in WA and OR.  The IDM has gotten national attention, supposedly, but Inslee is the only Governor who uses it as his COVID "Bible."

According to the DOH statement (in part):

"Using data from King County, IDM used their agent-based model, Covasim, to simulate different scenarios and strategies for reopening schools alongside varying levels of community activity and mobility outside schools. Simulating the first three months of school term (September 1 – December 1), the report found King County schools may be able to reopen without sustained epidemic growth, but only with several countermeasures in place and if community-wide COVID-19 transmission is low. Without any countermeasures, the number of new COVID-19 cases in the county could double over the three-month period.

You will note they used data from King County.  No other counties were mentioned. Often in his press conferences, Inslee references King, Pierce, Snohomish and the Puget Sound area as the basis for his decisions. He, and this data, do not take into account the many areas where schools could even be safely opened now.

“Reopening schools cannot be considered in isolation – what happens outside of schools is as important as what happens inside of schools,” said Lacy Fehrenbach, DOH’s deputy secretary of health for the COVID-19 response. “The most important step we can take to reopen schools this fall is to come together to reduce spread of the virus in our communities and statewide.”

The DOH went on to say:

"Grouping students by age, physical distancing, wearing masks and safe hygiene may be able to reduce the impact of school reopenings on transmission, but how much of an impact these measures have will depend on the level of COVID-19 transmission outside of schools. Even with countermeasures, students and staff would need to be screened for symptoms daily and both work and community mobility would need to stay below a certain threshold."

To see this IDM report for yourself, via the WSDOH, click on the button below.

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