Police dogs are not just one of the most effective tools every used by law enforcement, they are part of the police family. Not just with their handlers with whom they live, but they build bonds with all officers with their bravery, courage and friendship.

The Walla Walla police department has just paid tribute to Rev, who retired in January 2015 after six years of service, due to a significant shoulder injury and health issues. Rev was responsible for dozens of arrests, investigations, once found 27 guns and drugs hidden in a vehicle, and located  $37,000 worth of cash hidden while working for FBI Agents. His list of accomplishments went on and on.

July 28th, the department sadly reported Rev 'went across the bridge,' and passed away that day.  Apparently due to his health issues, he was expected to 'pass' very soon. The morning of his departure, he put on his police vest one more time and went for a ride through the streets of the city he helped protect. After his retirement, he was another family member for his handler, Office Fulmer.

Fulmer took Rev for his last ride July 28th, Walla Walla police invite everyone to take a moment and think of and honor all the police dogs who work across America, keeping people safe and being such a help to law enforcement.

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