It's one of the only programs of it's type in the nation, where low-level offenders are not jailed while awaiting their court dates. It's called the Pre-Trial Program. But now it's being evaluated after three suspects re-offended while awaiting their court dates.

According to Yakima County, 59 suspects accused of low-level crimes have utilized the program, which reportedly keeps them under strict supervision. County officials say after what they called a "rocky" start, the program appears to be working.

Several suspects didn't show up for their court dates, now our news partner KNDU-TV has learned three of the suspects committed crimes while free awaiting their court dates!

Officials didn't say what their crimes were.

The program, which is also only being tried in Denver and the state of Delaware, is designed to save significant amounts of money by not having to cover the cost of incarceration for these suspects.

Overall, despite the recent re-offenders, officials say the program is going well. No word has been given how long it will continue to be implemented, but initial signs indicate it won't be going way in the immediate future.