Starting in 1987, people driving by Yakima on the Interstate began to notice a sign that read "Yakima-The Palm Springs of Washington."  Over the years, depending upon who you talk to, it's become a topic of conversation, support, ridicule, and humor.

Landowner Gary Lukeheart told our news partner KNDU-TV he put the sign up to call attention to the much warmer, sunnier weather in our region, as opposed to rainy Seattle and the west side. It was intended to attract them here.

He used the California comparison, because he believes there are a lot of similarities. Many Yakima folks like it, but according to KNDU, some Seattle people don't like being reminded about their less than idea weather. He plans to leave it up, and show pride for the region.

Over the years, in the Tri-Cities, the sign has often been mocked and viewed with humor because in reality, our weather is warmer, sunnier and a little better than further up the valley. There are other comparisons as well, but they differ widely, and some are better left undiscussed.

And finally, by way of Twitter, and we believe possibly a site called Washington memes ( we are looking into it) somebody has created laughs and ripples with this answer sign:

We have not been able to find any evidence this sign actually exists, our information leads to the Washington Memes and twitter.

Palm springs answer sign (Twitter)
Palm springs answer sign (Twitter)


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