How many times have you been stuck behind a driver who feels it's necessary to travel below or right at the speed limit, but they're firmly planted in the left or fast lane? Well, if a cop sees them stacking up traffic, they can be cited.

Most of the time, this citation doesn't get issued (Unless you're backing people up over White or Chinook Pass). But it can and does get used.

According to information released by Pemco Insurance, both Washington and Oregon have laws that not only can result in a citation for somebody going below the speed limit in the left or passing lane, BUT you can get dinged even if you're going right at the limit.


According to the law:

 "It is a traffic infraction to drive continuously in the left lane of a multilane roadway when it impedes the flow of traffic."

YES! So many people try to tell me it's not a citeable offense. Well now, you best keep up with us, or get the pink paper. OF COURSE we are not advocating driving unsafely. But experts say somebody traveling too slow can actually create unsafe situations. These usually result in somebody traveling at or just over the limit, when they run up on the back of another driver going 10-15 below.  It's happened enough that the legislators created the law we just quoted.


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