Oregon's not exactly known as the land of great drivers, at least when it comes to NOT driving like a snail. In fact, a report from Progressive Insurance's Snapshot program shows Beaver state drivers are among the pokiest in America. But the legislature might be prodding them along.

Oregon traffic officials say one of the biggest pet peeves with motorists, and a safety concern, is that of drivers who drive too slowly in the left lane on highways and especially freeways.

Numerous data shows frustration over motorists who go anywhere from 3-5 to even ten miles slower than the limit, holding up traffic.

That could change, according to oregonlive.com, if the House approves an already passed Senate Bill, SB532. In short, it would penalize a driver who chooses to go too slow in the left lane. It would mandate the lane be only used for passing, or when necessary, left turns. The law would also allow left lane driving in response to traffic and emergency conditions. Otherwise, keep to the right.

Oregon legislators believe the bill will greatly relieve the irritation felt by Oregon drivers stuck behind somebody going 52mph in the fast lane.

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