Pasco skinny dipping at Memorial Pool - (PPD)

There are so many ways to spin this around and have fun with it.

Early Tuesday morning, just after midnight, Pasco Officers were called to Memorial Pool and Aquatic Park for a report of a man swimming.

Upon arrival, officers located a 23-year-old man (whose name was not released) who was apparently skinny dipping. He told Police skinny dipping was "on his bucket list" as something he's always wanted to do.

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Officers wryly observed at least part of the time he was still in his "chonies" as they put it. The man followed commands and got out of the pool and got dressed without any incident. He was cited for misdemeanor trespassing and released.

He had to work fairly hard to get into the facility, as the Memorial Pool and Aquatic Park are surrounded by chain-link fencing, topped with barbed wire. Ouch! if you're not careful.

Pasco Aquatic Park (Google Maps)

Upon further review, he could have honestly chosen another venue for his bucket list, such as a shallow area of the river. But everyone has their own Mount Everest to climb.

This guys was to dive into Pasco's Pool.

By the way, if you wish to legitimately utilize the Memorial Aquatic Park, you will have to wait until the weekend of May 25th, that's when it officially opens. To find out more information about the park, click on the button below.


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