So much has been made about people leaving pets and animals in hot locked cars, with the windows up. Many deaths over the last few years, and new laws being passed.

In Tri-Cities now, it's no different. Kennewick police were called over the weekend to a parking lot (they didn't list which store) about a small chihuahua who was locked inside a hot vehicle.

After attempting to locate the owner, and not being able to, the vehicle was 'entered.' The dog was placed in a police car with the AC running and cooled it off. Check of the internal temperature of the vehicle showed it was 113 degrees.

When the owner returned they WERE cited for Animal Cruelty, which in Kennewick carries a Class 2 Civil Infraction penalty.

That typically carries a fine of $125.00. The dog did not sustain any injury from the incident, and recovered.

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