Fortunately, neither driver nor her dog was hurt.

But this Friday night Kennewick crash reinforces there's lots of forms of distracted driving, not just digital.

Over the last couple of years, there's been a ton of laws passed, and fines increased for people using phones etc. while behind the wheel.

But there's lots of other types of things that take your attention off the road. Around 11:23 PM Officers responded to this single-vehicle crash into a fence along Creekstone Drive in Kennewick.

Officers found the woman was not impaired, but had taken eyes off the road to pick up her small dog who was riding with her. She ended up plowing the fence. Fortunately, no serious injuries and the dog was not hurt.

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Police remind people eating behind the wheel, leaning over to pick something up, looking into the back seat to grab an object or talk to people--even putting on makeup while driving can all cause crashes. And, they do happen more often than we think. It's not just all cellphones.

If it's that important, safely pull over and attend to what needs to be done, then resume driving.  Better than ending up like this!


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