So many times, we hear of pets who die after being left in a vehicle during the spring and summer months, even with windows cracked, hundreds die every year.

So, we're posting this graph that was shared by the Franklin County Sheriffs' Department. Even in a matter of just 10 minutes, temperatures inside your vehicle can rise as much as 20 degrees.

According to the American Veterinarian Medical Association, reports according to various studies, most vehicles left parked in the sun during spring or summer can rise as much as 26 degrees on average. So, if it's 72 inside, when you leave, the inside temp will be as high as 96 when you return.

Even leaving the window cracked a few inches will not help, because there's little way to circulate air inside, and dissipate the heat. That's what kills the animals. The buildup. So, unless you can leave the windows down, at least two or three, don't bring the pet when you're going to the store. Really.

heat index vehicle graph (Franklin County Sheriff)
heat index vehicle graph (Franklin County Sheriff)


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