SAD is Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it actually impacts more of us than we think.

According to a recent article in the Spokesman Review online, it isn't just some goofy idea brought up here from transplanted Californians who can't handle Northwest cold and temps.

SAD is any kind of noticeable fatigue or physical changes that occur when it starts getting dark super early outside. Even the 'strongest' of us notice when Daylight Savings Time ends, we feel like 6pm is 8pm or later so due to the darkness.

Most of us would agree it's a lot easier to get up and going, and stay active when the sun peeks up at 5am and stays light until 9pm or later.

We won't go on with all the actual physiological reasons early darkness does affect us, but growing numbers of experts say we can stay in 'spring or summer' spirits (for the most part) by engaging in physical activity.  Especially outdoors.

Even though it's cold, they say jogging, playing, exercising-even a brisk short walk-can greatly ward off that sluggish feeling we get when we get up and get home from work---and it's DARK both times.

Or, ramp up your indoor exercise and activity. Don't wait until January 2nd to start exercising. It doesn't have to be a program to get you ready for The Rock's new reality show, The Titan Games.  It just needs to be some movement to get the blood pumping and bust out of that sluggish mode.


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