Inner Tubing

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Inner Tubing

The summer season is fast approaching and what better way to spend free time in the Tri-Cities than on the Columbia River!

Inner tubing, water skiing, and wake boarding are just some of the many activities that I enjoy throughout the summer months. Not only will your tan after multiple hours in the blazing sun be incredible, but spending quality time with family and friends is amazing.

To compile onto the excitement, it is always such a rush to be going nearly 40 miles per hour and literally fly through the air after being dragged behind a boat in an inner tube.  Even though being thrown off can be embarrassing, the crazy faces and contortions of your body right before you land in the water is the funniest thing ever!

Regardless of the fact that I love snow skiing, I can not fully grasp the coordination of water skiing. Similarly to how I love shredding it up goofy footed on a wakeboard but can’t manage to even stand up on a snowboard.

But what do you like to do on the water here in the Tri-Cities? Take the poll and let me know.

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