Burbank CA has nothing on Burbank, WA when it comes to temperatures.

If the National Weather Service (NWS) and other forecasters are correct, we could tie or even break the all-time WA state record of 118 degrees on Tuesday. That record was set at Burbank, just east of Pasco, on August 5, 1961.

We've already beaten one single-day record when 115 degrees was officially recorded at the Pasco Airport for Sunday June 27th. That's where the NOAA/NWS official weather station records temps, as well as Pendleton OR for our region.

According to the NWS the all-time temp for the month of June was set in 2015, 111 degrees back in 2015. So, Sunday's temp broke a month record as well.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be the worst this week, with expected temps at or near 118-113 before dropping to 107-108 by Thursday. The rest of the week will 'only' be just over 100 degrees.

By the way, Portland's mark of 112 breaks that city's all-time record of 108, so we're not the only ones.

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Water, water, water and stay in cool shade if you can.  During the NSA WA State Softball Tournaments held in the Tri-Cities this last week, several umpires had to be replaced by subs because they succumbed to the heat.  At least one was taken by ambulance to an area hospital, but his condition is fine now. It was as a precaution.

100 teams were competing combined in the 10-U, 12-U A and B, 14-U and 18-U brackets. In fact, one of our daughter's 12-U A games had to be delayed for almost 20 minutes when a sub umpire had to suit up and take over behind the plate due to the starter suffering from heat exhaustion.

Be careful out there! Keep watching our Mobile App and websites and listen on air for more weather updates.

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