Some results of recent Newstalk 870 polls;  we asked your thoughts on the Oregon town that cancelled its fireworks show over bird nests, and your opinion on steaming live footage of politicians' homes on the web.

Depoe Bay cancelled its July 3 fireworks show (a 20 plus year tradition) due to the discovery of nesting birds about a mile away.  We asked your opinion.  86% of you said the town should NOT have cancelled, because the show had been going for years without any known enviornmental effect.  7% of you were not sure, and the rest no opinion.

As for the ethical issues surrounding recent Democratic tactics of streaming live internet footage of GOP leaders' homes and neighborhoods,  you agreed to the tune of 100% that regardless of political party,  it's dangerous, and an invasion of privacy.  Keep watching for more opportunities to voice YOUR opinion on a variety of issues, with Newstalk 870.