Apparently city officials in Depoe Bay, OR, are more concerned with birds than celebrating our nation's independance.

Fear of violating the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act prompted city officials to cancel a two-decades-long tradition of a July 3rd fireworks show. Since 1993, this small tourist town on the Oregon coast has smoothly staged a fireworks show. It was positioned there so it would not conflict with larger, more heavily-funded shows in other close areas, and was a tremendous success. The town saw a definite spike in visitors, hotel guests and shopping because of the show.

But after reports of nesting seabirds in nearby Boiler Bay in 2010, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department declined to issue a fireworks permit, so the show has been cancelled. The agency report claims the nesting seabirds left their eggs due to the explosions and booms and returned to find them eaten by predators. The town has already seen a definite economic dip.

Hotel rooms normally booked for the event are now empty. One customer who annually booked as many as six rooms for friends and family told the owners of Trollers Lodge they did not book because they heard the show was cancelled. Supposedly, the feds and other officials claim it was not an easy decision to make, but apparently after two decades of no indicents or proof of enviornmental disruption, this fireworks show has gone to the birds. What do you think? Should  they have cancelled the show?

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