It appears the citizens and opposition have gotten their attention.

A movement that began slowly last October has picked up steam, and now widespread opposition to a controversial wind farm on Horse Heaven Hills has slowed...a bit.

Monday it was learned that Scout Energy of Colorado has withdrawn it's request for an expidited (sped up) permit approval process for it's massive wind farm project south of Kennewick.

The project would plant anywhere from 167 to 235 wind turbines from Finley all the way up to and down the spine of the Horse Heaven Hills. The proposal has drawn fire and opposition, even ridicule, from area citizens. And not all of them live in the HH Hills area.

A recent Benton County Commissioners information public forum drew dozens if not hundreds of comments in person and from emails, over 80 percent were firmly against the project. From plans of the project, it appears scenic views and vistas would be destroyed by the hundreds of turbines; opponents also say it would drive down real estate values due to what's often called 'sight pollution.'

Now Scout Energy has told the Washington State Energy Site Evaulation Committee they are willing to undergo a full environmental impact statement instead of pushing it ahead.

Company officials claim they took to heart the numerous comments from area residents concerning the project.  It is safe to say many of the comments were disdainful even mocking the project. Some even called the project and idea "butt ugly."

It seems the opposition is growing, especially via the website Now there's also some word spreading that if necessary, some people are prepared to take legal action to prevent the project from happening in the Horse Heaven Hills area.

This slowdown comes the day before a public hearing with the Energy Site Commission is likely to bring out even more opposition to the project.

Luckily we don't worry too much about these. Due to hydro and nuclear...only when the wind downs the lines.

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