A "personality expert" who "mirror, signal, head checked" before cutting into the lanes of nine different steering wheel grip positions, says she can figure out what kind of person you are by how your hands approach the task of driving.

1. "10 and 2". - The Perfectionist. Ah, the classics. I learned long, long ago it is the quintessential place for your hands. It might not be the universal default position anymore, but if you partake in this style, you might be a perfectionist, at least you play by the rules. Agree?

2. "9 and 3". The Nervous One. So on the far left and right sides of the wheel. It means you're probably an anxious person, but also very thorough.

3. "8 and 4". The Boss. Like "10 and 2" but on the bottom of the wheel. It means you're a confident person who likes to take charge.


4. One hand on the bottom of the wheel. You're A Minimalist who keeps things simple.

5. One hand near the top of the wheel. The Cool Dude. You're relaxed and like to project confidence.

6. Both hands on the bottom of the wheel but your palms/fingers clasped over the wheelThe Supporter. See below.

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7/8. Holding near the middle of the wheel. The Adventurer. If it's one-handed, you're a thrill-seeker who lives life to the fullest. Two-handed, The Diplomat, means you're soft spoken and try to avoid conflict. And this data is extrapolated, how?

9. With one hand ON the horn, ready to go. The Bulldozer. Classic A-Hole maneuver. You're probably a busy AND bossy person, but you're also reliable.

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So, which one are you? I still say if you drive like an idiot, you are an idiot wherever your hands may roam about the wheel. One that didn't make the list, but I see all the time, is the driver using both hands to text/eat/fiddle with buttons. That driver must be using the "knee technique," which is very, very scary and only getting more prevalent. Let's be careful out there.

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