A Hanford worker is back at work after being treated with precautionary measures after smelling odors at the AP Tank Farm at Hanford.

Monday, two  workers were given precautionary examinations and treatment after smelling odors that were similar to those that  have sickened numerous tank farm workers.

The worker smelled the odors Tuesday morning while reportedly near the Hanford AP Tank Farm, but was cleared to return to work later in the day.  This worker did not experience any physical symptoms shown by other workers who've recently been sickened by the vapors.  Those workers suffered from burning eyes,  respiratory issues, and other ailments, but were successfully treated.

Monday, two workers who were working near a laundry trailer near the SY tank farm were taken to the onsite medical evaluation center for examination after reporting similar odors.  Officials say no work was underway at the SY farm at the time of the incident.

Reports indicate the workers smelled odors consistent with those that have sickened numerous Hanford workers in previous months.   A total of 37 tank farm area workers have now been examined or treated for various levels of illness (or as a precaution) after coming in contact with the vapors or smelling odors near the two tank farms this year.

Officials did not say what might have caused the odors.